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Life Without Dams

Our hydropower system brought electricity to our region and today, it’s hard to imagine life without it. However, as efforts to remove dams continue forward, studies have helped us understand what that life might look like. Removing just the four lower Snake River dams could result in energy costs rising by up to 25% or more and an increased risk of energy shortages and blackouts. We believe this is not the right path forward for our region.

Supports Carbon-Free 2045

The Northwest is the leader in renewable energy and has a goal of relying only on Carbon-Free power by 2045. Today, the affordable and reliable carbon free energy from hydropower dams produces 90% of the region’s renewable electricity and are an essential tool in fighting climate change.

What About The Salmon?

Salmon are important to our environment and culture, especially to Pacific Northwest Native American tribes. Thank to major upgrades in fish passage facilities, fish survival rates through every federal dam is between 95% and 98%.