Northwest RiverPartners in the News

Washington governor, senator want answers on how to replace benefits of Lower Snake River dams
The Seattle Times [10/16/2021] By Lynda V. Mapes

Inslee, Murray plan new report on breaching Snake River dams. ‘We need an answer …’
Tri-City Herald [10/15/2021] By Annette Cary

Inslee, Murray to ponder future without dams
The Lewiston Tribune 
[10/15/2021] By Eric Barker

‘Collaborative’ effort to save NW salmon looks like another anti-Snake dam task force
Tri-City Herald [07/25/2021] By the Tri-City Herald Editorial Board

4-state collaboration may squeeze out E. Wash. interests in keeping Snake River dams
Tri-City Herald [07/19/2021] By Annette Cary

Lawsuit seeks more spill over Columbia Basin dams for salmon
The Columbian 
[07/16/2021] By Nicholas K. Geranios, Associated Press

Salmon and the Snake (Pg.26)
Oregon Business [06/2021] By Nick Cunningham

Inslee, Murray reject dams removal plan
The Lewiston Tribune [05/15/2021] By Eric Barker

Bold proposal to breach Snake River dams
The Columbian [05/13/2021] By Terry Otto

Congressman Floats $33B Plan to Demolish Four Dams
Engineering News-Record [03/10/2021] By Pam McFarland

Dam power: Snake River dams are not big power producers, but play an important regional role
The Spokesman-Review [03/08/2021] By Eli Francovich

New website imagines the Snake River without dams
The Spokesman-Review [02/28/2021] By Eli Francovich

Simpson’s salmon plan
Politico [02/10/2021] By Kelsey Tamborrino

Idaho Republican offers $33.5B plan to breach lower Snake River dams, replace their benefits
Portland Business Journal [02/08/2021] By Pete Danko

Idaho Congressman Breathes New Life Into Dam Breaching Debate
Spokane Public Radio [02/08/2021] By Doug Nadvornick

Proposal to breach Snake River dams prompts praise, concern
The Oregonian [02/08/2021]

GOP congressman pitches $34 billion plan to breach Lower Snake River dams in new vision for Northwest
Seattle Times [02/07/2021] By Lynda Mapes

Reactions to Simpson’s proposal to breach four Snake River dams
The Lewiston Tribune [02/07/2021] By Eric Barker

Simpson plan for Snake River dams, salmon restoration shows promise with supporters, critics
Idaho Statesman [02/07/2021] By Nichole Blanchard

‘Risky proposition.’ Can $33 billion make up for loss of Snake River dams? Tri-Cities groups leery
Tri-City Herald [02/06/2021] By Annette Cary

Rep. Simpson proposal calls for breaching four lower Snake River dams
The Lewiston Tribune [02/06/2021] By Eric Barker

This GOP congressman wants to remove 4 dams to save Idaho’s salmon. It’ll cost billions.
Idaho Statesman [02/06/2021] By Rocky Barker

North’s Rebecca Armstrong talks ways to keep Portland strong
Portland Business Journal
[02/01/2021] By Suzanne Stevens

Clallam Public Utility District OKs membership dues after debate
Peninsula Daily News [01/15/2021] By Rob Ollikainen

Hairston Appointed BPA Administrator
RTO Insider [01/10/2021] By Robert Mullin

Oregon threatens lawsuit over Columbia and Snake River dam operations
Portland Business Journal [11/24/2020] By Pete Danko

What Biden’s agenda on the environment could mean for the Pacific Northwest
The Seattle Times
[11/22/2020] By Lynda Mapes and Hal Bernton

Study links salmon woes to ocean
The Lewiston Tribune [11/13/2020] By Eric Barker

In repeat of past, conservation groups challenge new dam management plan
The Daily News [10/26/2020] By Mallory Gruben

Groups plan to sue over latest dams and salmon strategy
The Lewiston Tribune [10/24/2020] By Eric Barker

The Fight Over Washington’s Snake River Dams Is Likely Heading Back To Court
Northwest Public Broadcasting [10/24/2020] By Courtney Flatt

4 governors agree to work together as NW salmon may have just 20 to 30 years left
Tri-City Herald [10/10/2020] By Annette Cary

Pacific Northwest draws lessons from the California energy crisis
Portland Business Journal [08/31/2020] By Pete Danko 

Elliot Mainzer leaving Bonneville Power Administration to head California grid operator
Portland Business Journal [08/06/2020] By Pete Danko

Federal study says keep lower Snake River dams. Environmental groups condemn decision
Tri-City Herald [07/31/2020] By Annette Cary

Northwest clean-energy advocates eye pumped hydro to fill gaps, with tribes noting concerns
OPB [07/27/2020] By Courtney Flatt

EPA issues report analyzing heat pollution in Columbia, Snake rivers
Capital Press [06/03/2020] By George Plaven

Washington state aims to regulate water temperature at federal dams, wading into controversy
Seattle Times [05/26/2020] By Lynda V. Mapes

EPA report: Dams play large role in raising water temperatures
The Lewiston Tribune 
[05/20/2020] By Eric Barker

For first time, federal dam operators must make water temperature control plan
The Daily News [05/13/2020] By Mallory Gruben

Both sides weigh in on findings regarding Snake River dams
Fox 12 Oregon [03/02/2020] By Fox 12 Oregon

Community leaders gather in show of support for Snake River dams
YakTriNews [03/02/2020] By Carissa Lehmkuhl

Draft Federal Plan Recommends Keeping Lower Snake River Dams In Place
Northwest Public Broadcast [02/28/2020] By Courtney Flatt

Snake River dam breaching rejected in key federal report
Portland Business Journal [02/28/2020] By Pete Danko

Feds reject removal of 4 Snake River dams in key report
Yahoo [02/28/2020] By Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press

For first time in 20 years, feds take deep look at hydroelectric dam removal on Lower Snake River
Seattle Times [02/27/2020] By Lynda V. Mapes

Dammed if you do…
The Lewiston Tribune [02/23/2020] By Eric Barker

Dams debate
East Oregonian [02/22/2020] By Jordan Pollard

Oregon governor calls for tearing out Snake River dams. Washington reps are outraged
Tri-City Herald [02/14/2020] By Annette Cary

New analysis says dam removal means $860M energy replacement costs
The Daily News [02/14/2020] By Mallory Gruben

Report weighs future of river dams
Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber [01/02/2020] By Paul Rowley

Breaching dams could have negative impacts on vulnerable communities
East Oregonian [12/31/2019] By Katy Nesbitt

Lower Snake River Dam’s report criticized
Blackfoot Morning News [12/30/2019] By Emily Thornton

Study unveils views on Snake River dams
The Lewiston Tribune
 [12/21/2019] By Eric Barker

Survey on Snake River dams is online. Help protect the region’s economy and fill it out
Tri-City Herald [11/29/2019] By Tri-City Herald Editorial Board

Northwest RiverPartners Issues Warning on Impact of Dam Removal
Northeast Oregon Now [11/27/2019]

Northwest RiverPartners steps up opposition to dam breaching
The Columbian [11/25/2019] By Jeffrey Mize

Salmon: A Debate Over Dams And The Cause Of A Great Fish’s Decline
Mountain Journal [11/20/2019] By Mountain Journal

Ports, PUD: Lower Columbia River dam removal ‘wrong, very extreme’ path
The Daily News [11/09/2019] By Mallory Gruben

Yakama, Lummi tribal leaders call for removal of three lower Columbia River dams
Seattle Times [10/14/2019] By Lynda V. Mapes

Ecology proposes new spill limit for dams
The Lens [09/24/2019] By TJ Martinell

Report touting benefits of Snake River dam removal stirs controversy
The Oregonian [08/08/2019] By Kale Williams

Editorial: Latest anti-dam study is ‘unscientific and inaccurate.’ It belongs in the trash
Tri-City Herald [08/07/2019] By Tri-City Herald Editorial Board

ECO-Northwest releases report on economic tradeoffs of removing lower Snake River dams; Northwest RiverPartners challenge
Columbia Basin Bulletin [08/02/2019] *Must be CBB member to read

Reporter’s notebook: Snake River stakeholders give more context on dam removal meeting debate
Inlander [04/18/2019] By Samantha Wohlfeil

Inslee’s Orca Task Force wants to plan now for the potential breaching of four Snake River dams, but there’s pushback from some groups
Inlander [04/18/2019] By Samantha Wohlfeil

Northwest RiverPartners names executive director
Quincy Valley Post-Register [02/04/2019] By Post-Register Staff


Our decarbonization efforts are being compromised, but that can change
Puget Sound Business Journal [11/19/2021]

WA Sen. Murray and Gov. Inslee are trying to answer the wrong question about Snake dams
Tri-City Herald [11/18/2021]

An opportunity for respectful dialogue on salmon and dams
The Register-Guard [10/16/2021]

What not to wear: California energy policy is an ill-fitting option for Idaho, Northwest
Idaho Statesman 

Dam breaching advocacy ignores climate science, public safety needs
Post Register [09/14/2021]

BPA’s part in infrastructure bill aids clean energy
Everett Herald [09/05/2021]

Removing the Enloe Dam not as simple a decision as it first seems
Wenatchee World [09/01/2021]

Collaboration, not litigation, will build a sustainable future
Hermiston Herald [09/01/2021]

Educating the public and policymakers about hydropower and irrigation
Irrigation Leader [08/19/2021]

Brown’s dam-busting lawsuit is bad for clean energy
Portland Tribune [08/12/2021]

Northwest hydropower system provides hope in climate fight
East Oregonian

Columbia Basin Collaborative anything but collaborative
The Register-Guard [07/08/2021]

Is hydropower the Cinderella of the clean energy movement?
The Lens [06/30/2021]

Recent Southern Resident Orca success could reshape recovery approach
San Juan Islander [06/19/2021]

Policymakers’ inconsistent energy approach could bring blackouts
The Hill [06/18/2021]

Hydropower is a zero-carbon energy source at our doorstep
Sherwood Gazette [06/15/2021]

Marching Towards A Decarbonized Future Without Leaving Communities Behind
Energy Central [05/26/2021]

Anti-hydro narrative misses the big picture of climate change, equity and salmon
The Spokesman-Review

Dams play vital role in mitigating warmer future of Northwest
The Daily News [05/07/2021]

Hydropower crucial to a future for electric vehicles
Everett Herald 

We’re asking the wrong questions about the cost of renewables
Portland Business Journal [04/07/2021]

Studies shed light on why dams matter to salmon and orcas
Kitsap Sun [03/30/2021]

New Studies Will Test Flexibility of “Simpson Concept” for Salmon & Dams
Washington State Wire [03/04/2021]

Are rolling blackouts becoming the new normal?
Portland Tribune 

Despite unknowns, dam-breaching proposal is opening honest conversations
The Oregonian [02/10/2021]

Can’t afford to ‘breach first and answer questions later’
Idaho County Free Press [01/27/2021]

Hydropower needs to have a place in our clean energy vision
Puget Sound Business Journal [01/25/2021]

Ocean conditions affect Idaho salmon
Post Register [01/19/2021]

We Can Do Better on Salmon Discussion
San Juan Islander [01/03/2021]

Removal of unproductive dams best for salmon
The Bend Bulletin [12/18/2020]

Gov. Brown puts salmon at risk
Statesman Journal [11/27/2020]

Thankful for Snake River dams
Tri-City Herald [11/23/2020] Guest View: A serious gap in knowledge
The Register-Guard [11/12/2020]

Salmon may need dams to survive
Wenatchee World [11/11/2020]

Community Voices: Saving the salmon in the Columbia River Basin
Longview Daily News [10/13/2020]

Catastrophic wildfires prove its time for a consistent green energy policy
Statesman Journal [10/02/2020]

California blackouts a warning for the Northwest
Everett Herald [08/30/2020]

We can’t afford to gamble on breaching hydroelectric dams
Puget Sound Business Journal 

The future of hydropower will be determined in the Pacific Northwest
Utility Dive [08/06/2020]

Does it make good environmental sense to destroy dams that produce carbon-free energy?
Statesman Journal [07/31/2020]

Is history repeating iItself? 20-year anniversary of the Western energy crisis
Wenatchee World [07/03/2020]

Are Northwest dams being set up to fail?
Tri-City Herald [06/22/2020]

Do dams really impact river temps in the Columbia/Snake rivers? Here’s the science.
The Daily News [05/23/2020]

Vulnerable communities need low-cost energy
The Register-Guard

Depression era’s ‘New Deal’ given renewed purpose in current crisis
Portland Tribune 

Public meetings on the dams end successfully after digital pivot
Tri-City Herald [04/07/2020]

In these times of crisis, know that the grid is in good hands
The Spokesman-Review [04/02/2020]

Breaching dams threatens basic necessity: electricity
The News-Register [03/26/2020]

Participate in the federal Snake River dams public process this week — the stakes are high
Columbia Basin Herald [03/25/2020]

A Different Kind of Battleground State – The future of hydroelectricity will be determined in the Pacific Northwest
Energy Fairness 

We can improve conditions for salmon and orcas without destroying Snake River Dams
Statesman Journal [02/21/2020]

Important voice missing from Vancouver stakeholder forum
Vancouver Business Journal [01/24/2020]

Discussions & Panels

In the latest episode of Public Power Now, Kurt Miller, Executive Director of Northwest River Partners, details key current hydropower issues in the Pacific Northwest and what role he sees hydropower playing in the U.S. generation mix 15 years from now.

Kurt Miller talks with Alice Dietz, host of PUD Live on AM1400 KEDO.

Kurt Miller, executive director of Northwest RiverPartners, leads the 2019 Northwest Power Pool Resource Adequacy Symposium panel on meeting clean energy goals while facing energy demand challenges in the future.

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