Salmon Jumping out of the water
by: Michelle Hennings
Salmon and farmers are on...

The Seattle Times

In the hottest year ever recorded, another wheat harvest is wrapping up. Extreme weather means it’s more important than ever to preserve the critical infrastructure we depend on to deliver goods to market.

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Snake River Dams Gate
Want an electric vehicle?...

The Spokesman-Review

As we embark on a second “Great Electrification,” in an effort to decarbonize our economy, it’s worth remembering the first one that occurred 80 years ago. Campaigning for president in Portland, Franklin Roosevelt pushed for Northwest hydroelectricity: “This vast water power can be of incalculable value to this whole section of the country.”

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Heating planet demands we keep Lower Snake River Dams
Heating planet demands we...

Seattle Times

With wildfire smoke encircling the globe, we are feeling the effects of climate change directly. And it is only June.

Unfortunately, “heat domes” are no longer novel and will continue to be part of our lexicon.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation recently made clear the impact of these events on grid reliability: Two-thirds of North America faces reliability challenges in the event of widespread heat waves. Areas in the U.S. West are at elevated risk due to areawide heat events that can drive above-normal demand and strain resources and the transmission network. Read the whole editorial here

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Half century old hydropower plant in Albania is becoming innovative energy hub
by: Yvette Armstrong
The importance of Lower S...

Columbia Basin Herald

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Snake River Dam
How Our Advocacy Efforts ...

NHA Powerhouse

Imagine the following scenario: Backed by a review of existing “analysis” and stakeholder input, a senior U.S…

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Snake River Dam
With climate change, is h...

The Spokesman-Review

Recently, US News & World Report listed the states with the best energy infrastructure. The criteria included…

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