Our Mission

Lead the charge for the Northwest to realize its clean energy potential using hydroelectricity as the cornerstone.

Goals for the Northwest

Fight climate change through hydro

Restore healthy fish populations

Include vulnerable communities

Maintain a reliable electric grid

Northwest Hydropower by the Numbers

US households served by the Northwest’s hydroelectric output in an average year
megawatts of generating capacity of Northwest hydroelectric dams
The yearly average output of megawatts by Northwest hydroelectric dams.
of the Northwest’s renewable, carbon-free annual electricity production
of the Northwest’s total average annual electricity production
carbon emissions generated by hydropower production

Latest News

WA restaurants are worried about salmon. But is breaching Snake River dams the solution? | Tri-City Herald 

“One of Northwest RiverPartners’ goals this year is to provide context to the public for the lower Snake River Dam issue. Many groups looking at endangered salmon are narrowly focused on the dams and missing the bigger picture of climate change, decarbonizing the electric grid, the widespread decline of salmon populations all along the West Coast and the impact that losing the dams would have on vulnerable populations, Miller said.”

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