Northwest RiverPartners is an alliance of farmers, utilities, ports and businesses that promote the economic and environmental benefits of the Columbia and Snake Rivers and salmon recovery policies based on sound science.


How the Northwest River System Powers Our Lives

Our Northwest rivers flow through our land, our economy and our lives. The Columbia and Snake river system traverses nearly 500 miles through four states, along the way defining what we grow, where we work and how we live. The abundant hydropower provided by these rivers is the single biggest energy source in the Northwest—a carbon-free, low-cost resource that is powerful enough to create jobs while keeping our skies among the cleanest in the nation.  The Northwest river system and the hydropower it provides are uniquely ours. They are gifts of our distinct geography and a natural resource that we need to protect and promote.

Hydropower’s Multiple Benefits

NWRP-Icons-01Irrigation for Northwest agriculture

NWRP-Icons-07Navigable routes for river commerce and the Northwest’s export trade 

NWRP-Icons-06Flood control for farms and communities 

Reservoirs for recreation

Clean, renewable, reliable energy

Provides over 100,000 jobs to the Northwest region

Salmon Reintroduction: There’s More To The Story

Grand Coulee Dam
The idea to reintroduce salmon above Washington’s Grand Coulee and Chief Joseph dams has been making headlines lately. Understandably, Native American Tribes near those dams are leading the charge. They have been most affected by the salmon loss caused by the dams’ construction. The Tribes maintain that reintroduction and passage—getting the fish past these towering dams—is newly feasible. It must be done, they argue, to “right old wrongs.” This is an emotionally appealing argument, but it leaves out vital history and context.

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 Watch Hydro’s Power 

The CleanHydro campaign raises awareness of the tremendous value that the Columbia and Snake rivers bring to the Northwest, economically and environmentally. Featured ads introduce hydro and its benefits to Northwest residents, including those who have moved here from other places and young people who may not be aware of the river system’s incredible contributions to their lives.



Dam Good Reasons

Watch this short video (3 min, 40 sec)  to learn more about how science, creative engineering and hard work are coming together in the Northwest for the largest species restoration effort in the nation—on behalf of the salmon, the Northwest’s iconic fish.