Northwest RiverPartners advocates for the bettering of our communities, our region, and the world through the low-cost, carbon-free hydropower system. Together, we encourage the balanced use of Columbia Basin rivers, while working towards solutions that help hydropower and salmon coexist and thrive.

Powering Our Lives

The Columbia and Snake river system traverses nearly 500 miles through four states, defining the lives of every person who relies on what they provide. The hydropower system operated on these rivers is the single largest energy source in the Northwest. It is a carbon-free, low-cost resource that is powerful enough to create jobs, sustain communities, and help us reach our clean energy goals. Through the Northwest hydropower system, massive salmon restoration projects have been made possible. These efforts are helping salmon recover despite poor ocean conditions and increased predation. We believe in working together to protect and promote our most valuable resource for the benefit of all.c

Hydropower’s Multiple Benefits

Clean, renewable, reliable energy

NWRP-Icons-01Irrigation for Northwest agriculture

NWRP-Icons-07Navigable routes for river commerce and the Northwest’s export trade 

Provides thousands of jobs to the Northwest region

NWRP-Icons-06Flood control for farms and communities 

Reservoirs for recreation

Learn More About the Northwest Hydropower System

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Facts and Information

Our Valued Rivers 

The Columbia and Snake river systems fuel the Northwest’s original renewable resource, providing an abundant, low-cost source of energy for families, farmers, and businesses across the region. This attracts major employers to the region and fuels the farmers who feed us and the world, all without adding any carbon to our skies. Hydropower has made it possible for the rivers to provide clean drinking water and reliable energy to communities throughout the Northwest that otherwise could not exist.

When it comes to reducing our reliance on carbon-emitting energy sources, the Northwest is leading the nation with the use of hydropower.

Hydropower acts like a giant, clean battery, helping us provide power to millions of homes.

Northwest farmers feed the region and the world with vital crops such as apples,
potatoes, corn, peas, alfalfa, hay, and grapes. They rely on the river for irrigation and transport of these goods.

The Northwest economy was built on and continues to thrive with abundant, low-cost hydropower.

Hydropower dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers provide a wealth of recreational opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Northwest residents and visitors.

Northwest dams and reservoirs help protect the region’s families and businesses from devastating floods, saving lives and property.

Hydropower accounts for 47% of the total average annual electricity production and 80% of the carbon-free annual electricity production in the Northwest.

New fish protections have been put into place at all eight lower Columbia and lower Snake River dams, increasing juvenile survival rates to between 93% and 99% at each dam.