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Ad facts for Hydropower fights Climate Change

hydropower for climate change

Press Releases and Statements

Murray-Inslee Report Confirms Importance of the LSRD, High Value of Hydroelectricity to the Region

Apples to Wine: Washington Ag Backs Dams on the Lower Snake River

Labor Leaders Across the PNW Support Keeping the Dams on the Lower Snake River

Biden Administration’s BPA Study Confirms: Breaching Dams Would Cost Billions, Slow Fight Against Climate Change

New report: Value of lower Snake River dams effectively irreplaceable in meeting region’s decarbonization goals

Murray-Inslee Report Falls Short, Fails to Recognize Significant Climate Impacts

Public Power/Farmers Roll Out Campaign to Protect Clean Energy, Fight Climate Change

Northwest RiverPartners Urges President Biden to Prioritize Hydropower, Lower Snake River Dams in Effort to Keep Utility Costs & Greenhouse Gases Low

New Survey Finds Majority of Pacific Northwest Residents Support Lower Snake River Dams and Hydroelectric Power

Northwest RiverPartners Statement on Injunctive Relief Settlement

Northwest RiverPartners Response to Governor Inslee Statement on Lower Snake River Dams

Letter to Biden Administration from Salmon and Hydroelectric Supporters

State of Oregon’s Motion for Court Injunction to Control Dam Operations Reflects Disjointed Energy Policies, Disregard for Consumer Energy Costs & Climate Concerns

Northwest RiverPartners Urges Columbia Basin Collaborative to Reevaluate Current Framework; Establish More Equitable, Holistic Approach

State of Oregon’s Decision to Litigate Undermines Hopes for Regional Collaboration on Salmon

Northwest RiverPartners Considers US Rep. Simpson Proposal to Overhaul the Region’s Energy Infrastructure; Urges Caution and a More Circumspect Approach

Northwest RiverPartners Disappointed, Concerned Over Gov Brown’s Divisive Move Towards Litigation

In Joint Letter to Governors, Dozens of Northwest Leaders Urge Holistic Approach to Four-State Salmon Recovery Process

New Research Reveals Flawed Approach to Salmon Recovery Programs – With Major Implications for Dams Debate

Northwest RiverPartners Responds to News over Earthjustice Intent to Sue over Columbia River Operations

Northwest RiverPartners Supports Goals of Four Governors; Asks for Scientific Grounding to Ensure Best Outcome

Final Environmental Impact Statement Completes Four Year Federal Process; Settles Debate on the Value of the Lower Snake River Dams

Northwest RiverPartners Urges Practicality and Transparency Over EPA River Temperature Report for Columbia & Snake River Dams

Response to Governor Inslee’s Final Draft Report on the Lower Snake River Dams

Northwest RiverPartners Welcomes Federal Report’s Comprehensive Approach but Urges More Collaboration for a Clean & Equitable Energy Future

Response to Letter from Governor Brown on the Lower Snake River Dams

New Industry Analysis: Cost of Replacing Energy Provided by Lower Snake River Dams 80% Greater Than Currently Considered Estimates

Response to Governor Inslee’s Lower Snake River Dams Draft [11/25/2019]

Energy Debate Overlooks Profound Threat to Vulnerable Northwest Communities [11/25/2019]

Return of Deadly Marine Heat Wave Underscores Critical Role of Carbon-Free Hydropower Energy

Response to the ECONorthwest Study – Lower Snake River Dams: Economic Tradeoffs of Removal

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Northwest RiverPartners

Northwest RiverPartners is a not-for-profit, member-driven organization. Members include consumer-owned utilities, ports, and businesses from across the northwestern United States. The organization is focused on raising awareness about how the Northwest’s hydropower system betters communities and the natural environment and encourages science-based solutions that help hydropower and salmon coexist and Here

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Kurt Miller Biography

Kurt Miller is one of the nation’s leading advocates for hydropower and its role in our clean and equitable energy future. His expertise in energy policy has been featured in over 50 contributed pieces across numerous regional and national news outlets, and he is a frequent commentator on T.V., radio, and policy panels. As the executive director of Northwest RiverPartners, Kurt represents millions of public power customers across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah who rely on the affordability and reliability of hydropower to power their homes, businesses, and transportation. Kurt was a keynote speaker at Hydrovision International 2022, and an expert panelist at Clean Currents, the annual conference of the National Hydropower Association. He will also be featured on the January 2023 cover of Hydro Leader Magazine. Kurt is also active on the policy front and has advised the Western Congressional Caucus and the Western Senate Caucus on hydropower policy. Kurt has spent most of his 30-year career in leadership positions for electric utilities, bringing expertise in power supply and smart grid initiatives. Under Kurt’s leadership, Northwest RiverPartners has expanded its educational role through industry partnerships, thought leadership efforts, and community and tribal outreach projects and strengthened its emphasis on science and scientific-based studies.

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