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Runoff | Sept. ’22

The latest installment of Runoff has arrived! We welcome you back to the hydropower blog that actually knows the difference between capacity and generation. Each month, we capture the region’s most important hydropower news and give you our take on it, along with some more lighthearted and interesting segments along the way.

Hydropower round-up

Final report and recommendations released in Murray-Inslee process

Us Senator Patty Murray and Governor Jay Inslee made their official recommendation regarding the future of the lower Snake River dams. They concluded that the dams cannot be breached given current technologies and infrastructure needs.

In addition to affirming that dam removal is infeasible at this time, they also recognized the vital role that the lower Snake River dams play in achieving the region’s clean energy goals. The multi-billion-dollar costs of removal are also noted.

Our take:

  • The recommendations strongly reflect the findings from the Energy GPS power supply replacement study, which Northwest RiverPartners commissioned. Their conclusions also align with the messages we’ve shared throughout our pro-LSRD campaign. It is worthwhile to note that their official recommendations do not recommend dam breaching, even when replacement the technology is available. Instead, they merely call for the option to be available.
  • This outcome is a major win for the region, as it is impossible to fulfill the requirements of existing clean energy laws without the lower Snake River dams, given current available technologies. The impact of losing the dams would set back the region’s decarbonization efforts by years and could raise electricity bills for residential and commercial users by 25% or more.
  • Also, removing dam breaching as a near-term possibility should allow the region to focus on more collaborative, less divisive ways of helping salmon.
    We appreciate the Senator and the Governor for their efforts, and pledge to continue to be a strong partner for salmon recovery efforts and hydropower advocacy in the region.

Informative, talking outlets take over Northwesterner’s screens

With all attention focused on the aforementioned Murray-Inslee process, there haven’t been too many other hydropower happenings as of late. Instead, we thought we’d share our excitement about the launch of our new Our Power Is Water campaign.

For the third year in a row, we are running a digital media campaign to engage audiences about our favorite renewable energy resource. Despite the fact that the Northwest is the largest beneficiary of hydropower in the nation, we’ve found that many people are hardly aware of it!

To change that dynamic, we’ve enlisted a pair of outlets with an upbeat message and some interesting dialogue to shine a positive light on what hydro is all about. They’ll be making a splash on phones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Our take:

  • If you’ve made it this far into the blog, we’d like to think you’re something of a hydropower enthusiast. We’d love it if you joined in and shared these awesome new ads with your friends and followers who might not be as well acquainted with where their power comes from. The best way to join in is to hop on any of our social media pages (links available down below) and simply share one of our posts!

Hydro humor

Hydro humor

Think you’ve got a good hydropower joke, meme, or something else that will make people chuckle? We want YOUR submissions (readers and NWRP members alike!) sent to us at info@nwriverpartners.org for your chance to have it featured right here in our next edition of Runoff. Don’t be shy!

“Your photo here” will make a return as soon as we start to get those photos that celebrate Northwest hydropower. Follow the same instructions above to get featured!

Hydro headlines

Micro hydropower system for building applications, usable with solar
Micro hydropower system for building applications, usable with solar

Japanese startup Yumes Frontier has developed a 2.7 kW micro-hydropower system that can be used in some buildings. It can also be combined with solar to provide power for lights and surveillance cameras.

PV Magazine International

In Our Opinion...

Snake River Dam
How green is your electricity? | Provided by Northwest RiverPartners

Renewable resources account for 75% of Washington's energy production, and Washington is third in the nation in utility-scale renewable energy from all sources.

The Seattle Times


Thanks for carving some time out of your day to read Runoff! We’ll be back on October 7th, but in the meantime, be sure to follow us on our other social media channels below for the latest Northwest hydropower developments.

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