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Runoff | Oct. ’22

Hello hydro-enthusiasts and welcome back to Runoff. If you’re new here, Runoff is the Northwest hydropower blog that’s officially one year old! Each month, we capture the region’s most important hydropower news and give you our take on it, along with some more lighthearted and interesting segments along the way.

Hydropower round-up

Strong salmon runs continue

As the annual return of fall Chinook is underway in the Columbia basin, it’s shaping up to be an epic year for the Northwest’s favorite fish. In the spring, the first run of Chinook exceeded forecasts while sockeye returns were three times higher than expected. With just three months remaining in the year, it looks as though coho will also be returning in greater numbers.

Some suspect that the transition from an ocean heatwave to cooler, more favorable conditions has played a large role in consistently better salmon runs. Recovery efforts, hatcheries, and predator management are likely helping as well.

Interestingly, the Northwest is setting up to experience its third La Niña winter in a row. This weather pattern delivers cooler and wetter than normal conditions, which is likely favorable for salmon as they prefer cold water.

Our take:

  • It’s no secret we’re fans of salmon here. In fact, salmon recovery is an essential pillar of the work we do. Seeing these higher returns is incredibly encouraging, and we are especially happy for tribal communities whose lives and livelihoods center around salmon abundance.
  • We’re also reminded of the fact that clean energy is essential to helping ensure cooler ocean conditions stick around longer. Hydropower plays a crucial role in fighting climate change.

RiverPartners on the move

RiverPartners on the move

Can’t get enough of us? Well, you’re in luck.

This past month we’ve been busy visiting members, attending conferences, and working on a brand-new audio-based project that we’ll be unveiling soon.

northwest RiverPartners cornhole boards

We also have official Northwest RiverPartners cornhole boards that are ready to spice up community events around the region. Our first stop will be at RiverFest 2022 on Saturday, October 8th, at Columbia Park in Kennewick, WA. Come see us and enjoy the fun from 10:00am to 3:00pm!

Our take:

  • Everyone loves cornhole, and everyone should love hydropower too!
  • Want to include Northwest RiverPartners in your upcoming event? Reach out to us at info@nwriverpartners.org.

If you’re reading this…

We want to continue to include the “Hydro humor” and “Your photo here” segments here in Runoff, but we need YOUR submissions to do that.

So, here’s how it works; regular readers and RiverPartners’ members alike can send us hydropower jokes, memes, or awesome photos to info@nwriverpartners.org.

Your great content will be featured right here in a future segment and you’ll get a shout-out from us. We promise, it’ll be worth it.

Hydro headlines

Hydro headlines
Despite Drought, Hydropower Does Deliver Electricity

In the Face of Drought, Hydropower Still Delivers ElectricityDrought-strained hydropower sustains 80 percent average power generation

Free water flow
City of Bend looking into hydropower potential - KTVZ

The city of Bend is seeking proposals from consultants to study the feasibility of adding hydropower facilities to the existing water infrastructure.

How new hydropower tech is transforming the off-grid market -
How new hydropower tech is transforming the off-grid market -

Hydropower is often seen as a power source that needs large dams and powerful rivers to produce electricity.


In Our Opinion...

Snake River Dams
Why hydropower is critical to the food supply

I recently went camping with my daughter near Tonasket, Washington.



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