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History of Hydro and Salmon
Learn more about the Columbia and Snake river systems, hydroelectric power, dams and salmon.
– Hydro: Renewable Clean Power for the NW (PDF)
– Salmon Basics (PDF)
– ESA Fact Sheet (PDF)
– Map of Columbia/Snake River System (PDF)

Value of Hydro
The hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake river systems are the engines that fuel the economy of the Northwest.
– The Hydro System: Vital to our Quality of Life (PDF)
– Irrigated Agriculture: Growing Food for Families (PDF)
– Snake River Dams: Valuable Assets (PDF)
– River Transportation Supports Billions in Commerce (PDF)
– NHA/USDOE Fact Compilation: Hydropower Supply Chain Snapshot (PDF)
Snake River Dams Bring Myriad Benefits Graphic (JPEG)
Not All Dams Are Created Equal Graphic (PNG)
BPA Snake Dams Fact Sheet 2016 (PDF)
US Army Corps of Engineers Methane Emissions from Col/Snake River Reservoirs Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fish and Wildlife Costs
Electric customers in the Northwest have invested billions of dollars into new technologies, safer passage, hatcheries and habitat improvements for salmon that travel the rivers.
River of Money – graph showing increase in spending for fish and wildlife over time (PDF)
Fish and Wildlife Costs Paid by Electricity Customers (PDF)
State and Tribal Fish Accords (PDF)
BPA Fish and Wildlife Investments 2015 (PDF)

Salmon Runs and Returns
Salmon spend most of their lives in the ocean, returning to spawn in the rivers of their birth and creating the next generation of salmon. Ocean conditions, harvest, habitat, hydro and hatcheries all affect salmon survival.
Adult Returns Graph 1938-2016 (PDF)
Fish Runs Improving, Families and Businesses Invest Billions (PDF)
Salmon for Harvest (PDF)
DART: Current Fish Counts (website)
BPA: Salmon Ride Smoothly Through Eight Dams (PDF)
Juvenile Salmon Survival Percentages Through Columbia and Snake River dams graphic (PDF)
Salmon Lifecycle (website)

Salmon Plans and Protection
How to operate dams while protecting salmon is an issue that has been under the scrutiny of Judge Redden’s court for several years. The current Biological Opinion/Salmon Plan is in Judge Michael Simon’s court.
Federal Hydro System BiOp Ruling (PDF)
Salmon and Hydropower: A Power System to Keep Salmon Safe (PDF)
2013 Comprehensive Evaluation of FCRPS Salmon Progress (PDF)
2014-2018 Implementation Plan for the FCRPS Biological Opinion (PDF)
Corps of Engineers Info on Spillway Weirs (fish slides) (PDF)

Fast Facts and Public Opinion Poll Results

2015 Final Poll Results Handout (PDF)
2015 NWRP Hydropower Fast Facts Pocket Guide (PDF)
10 Years of Accomplishments (PDF)
BPA Snake Dams Fact Sheet 2016 (PDF)
NOAA Fisheries Orca Fact Sheet (PDF)


Press Releases

2016 RiverPartners’ Statement on Judge Simon BiOp Ruling (PDF)
– H.R. 3144 “Just Makes Sense” for Northwest Ratepayers and Salmon(PDF)

Additional Resources

Feds Affirm: Salmon Protection Plan is Working (PDF)
Brochure: Splashy Facts About Hydropower – Color (PDF)
Brochure: Splashy Facts About Hydropower – Black/White (PDF)
– HR3144 Testimony(PDF)