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What the Northwest Thinks

Northwest residents value hydropower as an energy resource that keeps our environment clean and our economy healthy. These sentiments were confirmed again in 2014, in opinion polling conducted by Portland-based DHM Research.

DHM, which has 30 years of experience designing and conducting focus groups and surveys throughout the Pacific Northwest and the United States, conducted the independent survey in February and March 2014 in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

The polling found that a majority of citizens (75 percent) agree that the Northwest’s hydropower keeps our air cleaner than other parts of the country. Similarly, 74 percent agree that hydro makes us less dependent on other sources of electricity like coal and natural gas.

Hydro = Renewable 

 Three in four residents (74 percent) believe that hydropower from dams is a renewable energy resource.

Dams and Salmon Must Co-Exist

The vast majority of Northwest residents, 73 percent, say it is critical to the Northwest for dams and salmon to co-exist.

Snake River Dams

Northwest residents continue to believe that removing the four dams on the Snake River is an extreme solution.

Hydro = Most Practical

A strong majority, 54 percent of residents, identify hydropower as the Northwest’s “Most Practical” resource for meeting electrical energy needs, with wind and solar far behind at 15 percent and 6 percent respectively.

Recognizing Multiple Benefits

longshoremanNorthwest residents recognize and appreciate the many benefits the dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers provide:

  •  78% agree the dams provide vital irrigation for farmers to feed the world
  •  74% recognize the critical role the dams play in controlling floods 
  • 66% appreciate the dams and locks allow transport of billions of dollars of cargo 
  •  65% believe that hundreds of thousands of jobs in the NW rely on dams and hydropower 
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