Northwest Requirements Utilities
Provides support and information services to its members by advocating on behalf of Load Following customers of BPA to protect their interest in low cost and reliable power supply available from the resources of the federal power system, assisting in addressing power supply issues, and working to preserve access to equitable transmission services needed to serve retail load.

PNGC Power
Portland-based electric generation and transmission (G & T) cooperative owned by 14 Northwest electric distribution cooperative utilities with service territory in seven western states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming). The company creates value for its member systems by providing power supply and other management services.

Public Power Council
Represents the Pacific Northwest’s consumer-owned utilities on important issues in the region and in Washington, D.C. Their mission is to preserve and protect the benefits of the Federal Columbia River Power System for consumer-owned utilities.

National Hydropower Association
A nonprofit national association dedicated exclusively to promoting the growth of clean, affordable hydropower, America’s leading renewable resource.

NW Hydroelectric Association
Dedicated to the promotion of the region’s waterpower as a clean, efficient energy while protecting the fisheries and environmental quality which characterize our Northwest region.

Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee
Bringing the power of good ideas together to assist PNUCC members in fulfilling their company missions in the every changing electric industry

Pacific NW Waterways Association
Advocating for federal funding of our region’s navigation projects and public policy to improve the economic efficiency and environmental sustainability of the Pacific Northwest.

Other Resources

Bonneville Power Administration
BPA and its partners operate the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). Financed through the rates of northwest electric customers, BPA markets electricity, and works to protect and enhance environmental, fish, and wildlife values while keeping electric infrastructure maintained and reliable.

Columbia River DART (Data Access in Real Time)
Purpose is to provide accurate anadromous juvenile and adult fish counts at the Columbia and Snake River dams.

NW Power and Conservation Council
To ensure, with public participation, an affordable and reliable energy system while enhancing fish and wildlife in the Columbia River Basin. Was the original creator of, and every 5 years amends, the Federal Columbia River Power System’s Fish and Wildlife Program.

The Federal Caucus
Ten federal agencies working for endangered salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River Basin. Their website offers current and historic information on the work of the Caucus to recover ESA-Listed Columbia/Snake River Basin salmon and steelhead.

US Army Corps of Engineers
Seeks to ensure that USACE owned and operated dams do not present unacceptable risks to people, property, or the environment, with the emphasis on people. Northwest focus on flood risk management, dam safety, dredging for navigation, and river recreation.