columbia basin river

Bonneville Power Administration
Water, rivers, fish, energy, and links to other websites that have education for kids.

Chelan County PUD
Salmon and hydropower.

Clark County PUD
Hydropower education, electrical safety, and salmon.

Department of Energy
All forms of energy production and educational tools for kids.

Eugene Water and Electric Board
Electricity, safety, conservation, renewable energy (incl. Hydropower), and water resources.

First Energy Corps
Energy and its production – education for kids.

Foundation for Water and Energy Education
Hydropower and water energy.

Grant County PUD
Salmon and hydropower.

Northwest Hydroelectric Association
Links to k-12 education site, schools, and law schools.

Pacific Northwest Waterways Association
The Snake River dams and the multiple benefits they provide to the Northwest.

Puget Sound Energy
Air, land, water, and how electricity works. Includes slide of how hydropower works.

Tacoma Power
Hydropower projects and tours of their projects.

Snohomish County PUD
Energy conservation, electricity, the environment, renewables, and salmon.
Classroom programs for teachers to download – includes hydropower and how it works.

nwrpK-12 Education