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Clean Energy

How does hydropower produce clean, renewable energy?Hydropower is the original renewable resource for the Northwest. Dams store water from melting snow and rainfall in reservoirs. The weight of water stored behind the reservoirs creates water pressure. That pressure is put to work when the water pushes past turbines to generate electricity. This flowing water produces energy over and over as …

nwrpClean Energy
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Salmon Recovery

Many factors have contributed to declines in Northwest salmon populations. By the 1940s, Columbia River salmon runs were in serious decline. Particularly, harvest in the lower river took a huge toll between about 1870 and 1920. By the time Bonneville Dam was completed in 1938, adult salmon returns numbers were already at crisis levels. However today, improvements at the dams, …

nwrpSalmon Recovery
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Lower Snake River Dams

The four federal dams on the lower Snake River provide clean, renewable energy to meet Northwest power needs, stabilize the region’s transmission system, and fight climate change. Despite some statements indicating that they are easily replaced, the facts show that they are invaluable to our region. How much power do the lower Snake River dams produce? The lower Snake River …

nwrpLower Snake River Dams